A revolution in the world of eating disorders is at hand and Drew Stepek, long-time, successful writer is causing the uprising. Based on real life events, but classified as fiction, Drew takes an honest, but very different approach in his first novel titled Godless.

Drew shares his viewpoint and experience of male bulimia that has many people up in arms. Seen as blasphemous by religious groups, the book, in truth was not meant to disrespect, but rather to openly shine light on the mysterious world of male bulimia. Although an atheist, Drew is somewhat obsessed with religious artifacts, and is keenly interested in the inverted crucifix found on the cover of his book, which some one-sidedly perceive as satanic. In truth, the crucifix is about St. Peter believing he was not worthy of being killed in the same manner as Christ. In support of Drew's work, lead singer of Ministry, Al Jourgensen, is writing the book's forward.

Drew Stepek has worked as a writer in all areas of the entertainment industry, including television, print and the Internet. After moving to LA in 1993, Drew began his career as a writer for Larry Flynt and eventually moved on to work for major shows writing, producing and directing online and on-air initiatives for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Saturday Night Live, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Profiler, The Pretender, TNBC and ESPN. Other major accomplishments include receiving 200,000 downloads of the Godless eBook on Storybay in less than two months. What's more, he wrote and edited for several LFP Publications including Film Threat, PC Laptop, Hard Drive, CD Rom Power, Sci-Fi Universe, Wild Cartoon Kingdom and many more.

Adding to his long line of credits, Drew was the winner of the Ministry eCard competition, won the 1999 Standard of Excellence "Web Award" both for Saturday Night Live, as well for The Tonight Show and received honorable mention in an NBC Writing Contest. He took 1st Place in a poetry contest and received the highest award for Brushings Literary Magazine. He has also been featured in Rolling Stone, USA Today, The Industry Standard and Details, as well as CNN, The Today Show and NBC News. Currently, Drew is the Web Producer of Full Tilt Poker where he oversees all web editorial content and functionality for the online television poker company. He earned a BA degree in English/Anthropology from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.

Throughout his amazing career as an illuminating and creative writer, Drew has been struggling with the effects of bulimia and decided to attack the issue of addiction from an entirely new perspective. Using his painstaking explorations and personal observations, he has written a novel that takes readers on an intense journey of what lies beneath, behind and beyond addiction. His first novel, Godless, which is realizing huge success based on 100% word of mouth, comes after his short story Nazareth, published in Joe Firmage's book The Truth in 1998.

Several million intrigued readers were shocked by Drew's realistic portrait of the world. Now, in Godless, Drew paints a portrait of a character named D, who views reality in a confused world. Attempting to come to terms with a dilemma that most would be terrified to face, the primary character in Godless makes an agonizing attempt at overcoming a vicious struggle with bulimia, alcoholism and drug abuse. While some take offense at Drew's distinctive openness in sharing his truth, through his desire to deal with a very painful addiction, Drew's readers cannot help but to be drawn into an unknown and unspoken territory that affects countless individuals.

A look into Drew's favorite things shows him to be an avid reader, who is passionate about Mark Twain and his hatred of James Fennimore Cooper, which played a major part in the motivation of Godless. His favorite books are: Of Mice and Men, Huck Finn, To Kill a Mockingbird, Ham On Rye and The Great and Secret Show. His favorite films are Barfly, Angel Heart and To Kill a Mockingbird. He is also a huge fan of the 1938 version of "A Christmas Carol."

His book Godless can be found at www.godless.com.


Stepek interview:
Never in history has so few robbed so many. I was hoping that the greed would stop. "Godless" by author Drew Stepek prepares for literary "Holy War." Email alphar@xtra.co.nz for media copy.


PRLog (Press Release) — Dec 13, 2006 — Los Angeles, CA, December 13th, 2006
GODLESS title "hijacked" by Ann Coulter: Christian-right celebrity, conflicts with established book by the same name. Atheist author Drew Stepek prepares for literary "Holy War."
Although principle dissuades Drew Stepek from taking legal action against Coulter, he feels Coulter's book perverts and sucks the love out of religion and the open space of the Godless, which is free of prejudices and the burdens of myth. Stepek's book is about the death of God in our society and how it leads an individual down a path of self-destruction, whereas Coulter's book is a stab at the Democratic and Liberal society of the Godless.

Drew Stepek's GODLESS (ISBN# 0978602412 ) is now released by Alphar publishing.
ALPHAR is proceeding with Drew Stepek's important book despite Ms. Coulter's attempt to pervert and ride on Drew's patient career. "The power of an idea (or

God) is revealed by its fruits," says Dr. Thomas Moore. "We have been working productively with Drew. Stepek since early last winter, His purpose isn't politically or opportunistically motivated," says Alphar.
Drew Stepek has strong opinions on everything from Bush to Kevorkian and an entertaining presentation. His cool persona has captivated television audiences nationally.