"Eating disorders are a choice, not a disease!" First-time novelist and 17-year bulimic Drew Stepek proves his controversial theory in his new novel titled GODLESS.  This psychologically and physically distressing drama played out in GODLESS leads the reader through a surprising and shocking path that could only be told by someone who has lived the experience and the pain first-hand. 

D, the primary character in GODLESS, is obviously a tormented soul. Underneath the torment, we discover a secret, a secret so horrific that D doesn't even remember it, until the day his father makes known what is at the root of D's suffering. 

Mr. Stepek shares a provocative tale that zeros in on the trauma of male bulimia and addiction that is both compelling and forceful.  There are many books that address the subject of bulimia and addiction but few, if any, genuinely tap into the heart of the subject in the same way as GODLESS.  Nor do any other novels lead us to the whys and wherefores of what may be behind eating disorders.  Although written as a novel, GODLESS is based on true-life experiences.  Doing everything but providing the reader his finger to purge, Stepek feeds off of a primal realism and holds back no details.

Taking the reader through a maze of experiences, which include dramatic college experiences, relationships, rehabilitation, and the anguish of addiction, Mr. Stepek's novel transports his readers into a world that is both alarming and enlightening. And while the book has many people up in arms, GODLESS uncovers the mysterious inner world of a rarely spoken about subject. 

Throughout the pages, Mr. Stepek draws in the reader as he freely brings to light weighty issues about male bulimia with realistic grit.  We are taken from the birth of D's disorder to the ultimate discovery of its origin.  Although D's answer is presented to the reader throughout the book, the protagonist's mind is twisted by blurred vision where nothing is what it seems.  The reader is left to wonder how the primary character D will survive the infliction of so much torture upon his own being. 

D is a young man trapped in a mill town, and trapped in despair, yearning to be freed from the anguish of his desolation and misery. Desperately wanting out of the small, depressing old paper mill town in which he lives, it's obvious that D is haunted by something terrifying but something that is not in his awareness. Almost from the start, the reader recognizes there is far more turbulence going on than meets the eye.  After his best friend Freddy is gunned down by a speed freak and his girlfriend Lori jumps off of a bridge to escape the molestation of her stepfather, we understand why this young man yearns to escape his life.  Pinning his hopes on acceptance into college as a means of escape, D is hell-bent on punishing himself while running away from his pain, yet relentlessly putting himself in situations that only lead to more disaster.  Not until the very end of the story do we gain a glimpse into his world, a world where we discover that D has suffered the unendurable.  Only then do we finally come to understand where his pain began.

While eagerly awaiting news about a scholarship, the mailman finally brings D the good news of acceptance into college, and he anxiously anticipates his escape from the world he hates.  But just as he is preparing to leave, D is once again confronted with immense loss and left to deal with a sorrow that is unimaginable.  Rather then facing it head-on, D feels helpless to do anything about his life, feeling incapable of coming to terms with his personal torment.

Eventually D reaches his upmarket college destination where he finds himself even more deeply lost in a world of addiction, alcoholism and bulimia, dealing with unsavory characters that help him turn his life more upside down.  Disappointed by people and facing loss at every turn, D is sucked under further into a world of destruction, drug dealing and pain.  Rather than finding solace in what he hoped would be his escape, life at college throws him over the edge, becoming more insidious than D could have imagined.

D desperately tries to gain acceptance from his peers and chooses bulimia as his way of obtaining what he perceives as control over his body and his life.  Communicating emotion, truth and the pain of deep addiction, we are provided an invaluable resource that leaves us breathless with angst, feeling for this intelligent man trapped by his own denial.

D is placed in a rehabilitation center where he ultimately finds himself matching wits with psychiatrists, counselors, and friends.  Angry, exasperated and irritated with the lack of understanding in the rehab center, D struggles with the absurdities of life, yet he remains stuck in his defiance.  Trying to deal with difficulties he doesn't understand, ever so slowly, through deeply dreadful experiences, the answers begin to reveal themselves, when quite unexpectedly we discover the truth, a truth that D is shocked to discover.  It's only then that D can start unraveling the mysteries of who he is and where he comes from.

A strong allure of GODLESS is that within one book are layers of awareness, depth and insight.  It's a riveting, yet painful story. Mr. Stepek escorts us through to a discovery that hope and surprising support can come from people when we least expect it.

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  Stepek on Tanenhaus,Matsuzaka, Kevorkian: Godless, interview by Dr. Moore, www.alpharpublish.com
Never in history has so few robbed so many. I was hoping that the greed would stop. "Godless" by author Drew Stepek prepares for literary "Holy War." Email alphar@xtra.co.nz for media copy.

PRLog (Press Release) – Dec 13, 2006 – Los Angeles, CA, December 13th, 2006
GODLESS title "hijacked" by Ann Coulter: Christian-right celebrity, conflicts with established book by the same name. Atheist author Drew Stepek prepares for literary "Holy War."
Although principle dissuades Drew Stepek from taking legal action against Coulter, he feels Coulter's book perverts and sucks the love out of religion and the open space of the Godless, which is free of prejudices and the burdens of myth. Stepek's book is about the death of God in our society and how it leads an individual down a path of self-destruction, whereas Coulter's book is a stab at the Democratic and Liberal society of the Godless.

Drew Stepek's GODLESS (ISBN# 0978602412 ) is now released by Alphar publishing.
ALPHAR is proceeding with Drew Stepek's important book despite Ms. Coulter's attempt to pervert and ride on Drew's patient career. "The power of an idea (or God) is revealed by its fruits," says Dr. Thomas Moore. "We have been working productively with Drew. Stepek since early last winter, His purpose isn't politically or opportunistically motivated," says Alphar.
Drew Stepek has strong opinions on everything from Bush to Kevorkian and an entertaining presentation. His cool persona has captivated television audiences nationally.
ALPHAR is a publisher of outstanding literary fiction that deals with internal conflicts
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