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My neighbor, Tom, is a genius and his latest books are a masterpiece or so his professor tells me. And I am in love with her. But Lilith has dumped me, claiming that I am merely a nerdy computer geek with little artistic flair for supporting Tom.

I want Lilith back and you can help me please by encouraging Tom...

What Tom needs is for millions of copies of his books to be read every brilliant artist needs an audience to digest his genius... Especially when his exquisite novels are advocating a revolution in order to restore social justice for the forgotten generation and powerful forces seek to shut him up.

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Stephen sees no conflict between being both an advocate for Christ and a hedonist.

He calculates, one eye squinted shut, then he opens them both wide in an expression of surprise. In two months he has switched from preaching to huckstering. The idea of this priest turning tips still boggles my mind. But he just tips me a wink, and feeds me a dram from his portable communion kit, leading me to attain a unified statement about the world for my lost generation: Eternal Life was never intended to be a reward for what we do with our lives, but rather, as a reward for cruising life with a sense of humor, style, and creativity.

A masterpiece refers to a creation that is given much critical praise, and this is the greatest work of Tom's career a work of outstanding creativity, skill, and workmanship. It possesses universality, artistry, permanence and uniqueness. It can stimulate thoughts from its intellectual value and will mold the moral and emotional Landscape of the future.

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HILLARY bridges fiction and nonfiction to tell a compelling and almost true story of ambition, betrayal and duplicity. 

This book uses the tools of fiction, woven with biography, to extrapolate history to discover where We The People might lead our next President. The Author must have had a premonition to have anticipated what is going to happen around the inauguration of Hillary..

See... Midwest Book Review, 2008:

See for current political issues explored in "HILLARY.".

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"Sliding down ... into the decline of my middle twenties ... we chased the end of the night

like we chased our own immortality." 2nd Edition



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GODLESS: The death of God in our Society (or the effects of child rape) can drive a man to eating disorders, alcoholism, drug addiction and pure hatred for all things of God and man.
Author: Drew Stepek

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WE ALL FALL DOWN: The Bible is true, and Armageddon is now. The nature of hatred and forgiveness are highlighted through Jimmy's confrontation with God--and himself.
Author: Brian Caldwell

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