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HILLARY by Dr. Thomas Moore bridges fiction and nonfiction to tell a compelling and almost true story of ambition, delusions, sexual addiction, betrayal and forgiveness.

This story about the multiple perspectives of genius and hallucination, is inspired by the parallel lives of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Carmella Meeks--the introspective prostitute, and Tony Chaytor--the eccentric protagonist.

Taken together, their lives proved that truth is elusive, that knowledge has limits, and that structure can reveal past corruption.

... Midwest Book Review, 2008:

See for current political issues explored in "HILLARY.".

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UPLAND ROAD: Childhood trauma reflects in adult life for the two antagomists:

All it takes is one demon to propel them to tragedy. But an escape from Limbo turns everything.
Author: Thomas Moore

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"Sliding down ... into the decline of my middle twenties ... we chased the end of the night

like we chased our own immortality." 2nd Edition



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GODLESS: The death of God in our Society (or the effects of child rape) can drive a man to eating disorders, alcoholism, drug addiction and pure hatred for all things of God and man.
Author: Drew Stepek

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WE ALL FALL DOWN: The Bible is true, and Armageddon is now. The nature of hatred and forgiveness are highlighted through Jimmy's confrontation with God--and himself.
Author: Brian Caldwell

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The Progress of Man uses the tools of fiction, woven with biography, to extrapolate history to discover where We The People might lead our President… to deal with global warming, and the need for liberation--for the youth of America.

President Dubya's character is challenged by conflict with his wife, Liberty Bell, a woman without a cause, who is the natural foil to an orderly Americal... Midwest Book Review.

Author: Dr. Thomas Moore

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