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Drew Stepek, Godless
Sep 21, 2008 

  Stepek on Tanenhaus,Matsuzaka, Kevorkian: Godless, interview by Dr. Moore,
Never in history has so few robbed so many. I was hoping that the greed would stop. "Godless" by author Drew Stepek prepares for literary "Holy War." Email for media copy.

PRLog (Press Release) – Dec 13, 2006 – Los Angeles, CA, December 13th, 2006
GODLESS title "hijacked" by Ann Coulter: Christian-right celebrity, conflicts with established book by the same name. Atheist author Drew Stepek prepares for literary "Holy War."
Although principle dissuades Drew Stepek from taking legal action against Coulter, he feels Coulter's book perverts and sucks the love out of religion and the open space of the Godless, which is free of prejudices and the burdens of myth. Stepek's book is about the death of God in our society and how it leads an individual down a path of self-destruction, whereas Coulter's book is a stab at the Democratic and Liberal society of the Godless.

Drew Stepek's GODLESS (ISBN# 0978602412 ) is now released by Alphar publishing.
ALPHAR is proceeding with Drew Stepek's important book despite Ms. Coulter's attempt to pervert and ride on Drew's patient career. "The power of an idea (or God) is revealed by its fruits," says Dr. Thomas Moore. "We have been working productively with Drew. Stepek since early last winter, His purpose isn't politically or opportunistically motivated," says Alphar.
Drew Stepek has strong opinions on everything from Bush to Kevorkian and an entertaining presentation. His cool persona has captivated television audiences nationally.
ALPHAR is a publisher of outstanding literary fiction that deals with internal conflicts
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